Atlantic Insurance

Atlantic Insurance is a well known General Insurance company with branches all over Cyprus. They have relied on ITEna’s InsuranceCentral solution for their insurance operations since 2004

Olympic Insurance

A second General Insurance company which has been utilizing ITEna’s InsuranceCentral solution since 2005

Motor Insurer’s Fund of Cyprus (MIF)

A specialized Insurance agency bound to the Minister of Finance by force of an Agreement to pay under certain conditions, compensation to third parties in relation to the liability of the drivers of (a) Uninsured vehicles (b) Unknown vehicles, and (c) Vehicles insured with an insolvent Insurance Company. Has been utilizing a customized version of ITEna’s InsuranceCentral since 2009

Cyprus Hire Risks Pool

Yet another insurance company which has chosen our InsuranceCentral solution both for its track record of successful implementations in other companies and for ITEna’s ability to tailor its systems to handle clients’ specialized needs.

Royal Crown Insurance

ITEna has worked closely with Royal Crown Insurance to successfully migrate its older accounting and insurance software to ITEna’s InsuranceCentral integrated solution. Having done that initially it was then able to expand and improve its novel customer services including the development of Royal’s e-nsured Customer portal designed by ITEna and integrated into InsuranceCentral offering customers a direct online window into Royal Crown Insurance systems for upto the minute information on their insurance policies.

Petrolina Holdings Ltd

Petrolina is a well known player in the Cyprus Oil Industry. Among other operations it also has 100 Petrol stations all across Cyprus, the biggest Petrol Station network in the Island. ITEna Solutions implemented PetrolStationCentral at Petrolina since 2001 allowing Petrolina to centrally manage its Petrol stations, including Petrol Station Floor Control, public credit card and company own credit card, point of sale, headquarters Back Office for information consolidation, management of products, prices, discounts, invoicing and credit notes for own company card clearing purposes, web based module for own company credit card customers etc. In addition to our own POS for and station control software our solution is also integrated with Gilbarco Passport Europe. Customers with Gilbarco Passport can use our system to offer a global private label card across all their stations, consolidate reporting and dry and wet goods management allowing them to view their Petrol Stations as one business contrary to Gilbarco Passport’s approach of the station as a single entity.

GS Cashline Money Transfer

ITEna developed an extensive MoneyTransfer system for GS Cashline primarily to help with their main money transfer provider, Coinstar, as well as support the expansion of the company to other MoneyTransfer providers and services as well as satisfy the cash remittance requirements as regulated by the Central Bank of Cyprus.

Atlantic Financial Services

Atlantic Financial Services is one of the leading stockbrokers in Cyprus. They have successfully been using BrokerCentral , our complete Stockbroker solutions since the company first started operations in 2001. The requirements of a large-scale brokerage house has always put pressure on the ITEna team to deliver the versatile, feature rich, high performance product that Broker Central is today. After CLR Financial Services and Hailisco Stockbrokers, Atlantic Securities is the third Stockbroker to join the Broker Central Family.

Aretaeio Private Hospital

At Aretaeio private hospital ITEna has provided both an advanced virtualisation solution for its computing power needs, utilising VMWare virtualisation and clustering technology as well as tailor-made software solutions to close important gaps of its existing software systems and automate its processes. The tailored software developed integrates seamlessly with its existing accounting and hospital management systems.